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How do I add smb music shares on my local network?


To be more specific my question is about the Triangle AIO. How do I add music shares in the iPhone app?

Staff July 25, 2019

Dear sir,
Thanks a lot first for your buying. Sorry we do not understand well your concern, could you precise it please ?
Do you want to play any songs already downloaded in your Iphone ? in that case you have on the first windows of Triangle APP, third line, “my music” and you can access directly to your songs. Please note you must allow to share the songs with the APP during APP installation first, a sentence should appear to ask you, if you refused it, you must delete and download again the APP. Do not hesitate to come back to us if it is not the issue you met.
Best regards and thanks again for your buying, hope you can enjoy it


I have a media server at home, I want to access those SMB shares from the Triangle App. There is a section called Home Music Share in the Triangle App. I cannot add shares in that section. How do I add shares to the app so I can access music on my media server?
thank you


Is there a follow up from Triangle on this. I have added the requested information


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