Any plans to add Roon support (as a Roon Endpopint) to the AIO-3 rather than having to use AirPlay?

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Staff July 16, 2019

Thanks fist for your buying !
About your concern, please note that IOS 13 is not really available now, only some beta versions as we know, so the APP is not updated for the moment, it is too early and we must fix this point really soon for sure, but you’re in advance ! J but we will discuss this point with our software team this week.
Concerning the Roon it is also a project, as Amazon Music… but at the moment we cannot give you an exact date for it, but in the future it will be available too for sure. Need to fix it with Linkplay, Linkpaly is our technology used and we also depend of them to go ahead, but for sure we don’t stop to push.
Thanks again for your buying and we will try to solve these concerns asap, you can rely on us ! hope you can enjoy the product with IOS12 for the moment.
Best regards.
Triangle Team




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